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It’s no surprise there is a host of online poker options available. Since the poker boom 10 years ago sites have been tripping over themselves to get people playing. A lot has happened since the poker boom, from Scandals to the bloody yanks pulling down major operations. Two things have become clear, Poker is still big in the UK and Pokerstars is by far the biggest poker site around!

The pokerstars app is a bit clunky to use imo, it isn’t great and they’ve overly complicated it. You can jump into a ‘zoom’ game pretty easily (zoom is basically a rapid form of poker where you are constantly dealt new hands).

If you are a recreational player I recommend SkyPoker, they have a well design app which can be used on most mobiles and tablets, it’s also HTML5 which means no download required and you can play it on your desktop with no additional downloads (that doesn’t mean you can play at work though!) You can also download the apps for iphone and ipad.

Almost all UK bookies (apart from Sky) use iPoker to power their online poker rooms, iPoker is basically a network of poker rooms which share player bases and prize pools, this means bookies can open a poker room without worry about having to get traffic as there is a pre-existing playerbase. iPoker is generally an ‘ok’ platform, it has reliability issues but it is the highest traffic poker network around meaning the tournaments have higher prizepools and their are always cash games running 24/7. Most ‘skins’ now have their own mobile apps for all major devices, you can play the same cash and tournaments you would usually play on the desktop applications. You are also able to play their own version of ‘zoom’ which is much more suited for mobile devices then normal cash games and ideal if you are on a long commute and just want to get a few hands in.2015-06-10 11_33_42

A great format for mobile poker (as well  as the zoom format) is the new ‘Jackpot Sit n Gos’ available on all poker sites (otherwise known as ‘Twister’ on iPoker) . On iPoker skins you can play these from £1 to £10, it’s basically a 3 handed hyper turbo sit n go which last no longer than 10 mins, but before you play you spin the wheel to determine your prize! You will win anything from 2x your buyin to 10,000x ofcourse most of the time you will be playing for 2x but I’ve got up to 20x before. These formats are ideal if you want a quick game and are not a cash player.


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Checkout this player who won his game on the Pokerstars Spin n Go for $7,200

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